Community Matters

Community Matters

A group of people decided that it was time that we all started taking care of our neighbours in the same way we did in the villages in the countryside and indeed in some of the housing estates before the war, and shortly after. In those days the generations lived close to each other, and as this is less usual it is even more important for us to all pull together.

There are streets which have street contacts who are there to help with local knowledge for those who have just moved to the area and Community Matters have compiled a lot of useful contacts and telephone numbers which they can find on the website and furnish their new neighbours with the information appropriate. The Street Contacts should also be a point of contact for those who need help, whether old or young. We all used to know our neighbours, and we have all heard about those that are lonely and who do not see anyone from one day to the next and it is time to address this.

We require more representitives, who can help to moniter their street, not in a nosey way but in a friendly way. Just a smile and a welcoming hello makes a world of difference. It takes time to build up a rapport with many people, but just a few contacts (i.e your immediate neighbours) will start the ball rolling.

Young Mums pushing prams may not know anyone, as until they have had their baby they may have been working, so they too can feel very isolated. That is where the likes of Barmouth Kitchen, a community project, comes into its own. They can meet there for a coffee or a tea and meet other Mums. Likewise the retirees in the community can meet and have a coffee or lunch. Also there is a seniors lunch held in the St Anne’s Church Hall on a Sunday every quarter which last year proved very popular so we head into our 2nd year!

If you have any ideas to help build on this excellent idea then please contact

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